Staten- Kelly

from by Halogens

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Slow night, heavy eyes,
wondering where you are.
Cluttered mind, assuming right
why can’t just stay alone?

Green eyes, gold hair, fixed on while they all stare
you act like you don’t know this, but I notice that you’re all aware.
Written on your pretty face
live for nights you can’t erase,
die for the love, and love for the praise
praise till you die, till you can’t erase.
Green eyes, gold hair, swear to god there’s no other
you got jealous when I got fucked up and I blacked out with your brother.
Took it out I got home
threatened to pack up your things and let go.
“you say you love me but it never shows
if I ever feel love I’ll let you know.”

if you ever gave a fuck then you gave it right back.
Never wanna lose so I never fight back,
tingle on your lips with your skin in my fist,
with your liquor running quick
I could never right that.
Never like that when I kiss you,
never write back when I miss you
never mind that when I see all your pictures,
never satisfied with yourself when I’m with you.

How can I forget a loss,
when you’re the first
to be moving on?
So who am I when I’m all yours?
Without a cure?
I never learned

Lost my will to sleep without you,
but I lost my will to not think about you.
Thoughts of being confident
got lost when I lost arguments,
you were the one I put my solace in
but you removed your love I was falling in. Automatic when I write songs
ever since my mind gone
embody every word that I see.
See you in every moment
in the corner in the morning
in the coffee that I’m pouring
just to repeat every motion all again.

Where’s my friends, where’s my god,
where’s my veins you settled in?
you only caused you never loved,
you never did.
Dependent, never meant it
manipulative, never said it.

Slow night, heavy eyes,
wondering where you are.
Cluttered mind, assuming right
why can’t just stay alone?
It’s your green eyes, gold hair,
do you love me, do you not care?
Withdraw from your blank stare,
Lost my eyes to see you there.
But it’s not coming back, no,
lock myself in the bedroom,
lost in the world like a recluse
conquer the word like I made you,
but I hate you, and I love you
and I hate myself for loving you


from Halogens / Staten Split, released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Halogens Wall Township, New Jersey

Halogens is a four-piece rock band from Asbury Park, NJ. Drawing influences from an eclectic range of artists and genres, the band has crafted their own brand of fun, energetic, and groove infused rock music. Halogens self-titled EP and split EP with Staten are currently available through all digital distributors.

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